Community Manager Intern (f/m)

Sport Heroes is hiring!


Sport Heroes is a start-up specializing in sport and well-being, founded in France with an international footprint.

We work with these themes for three reasons:

  • Sports is a mass phenomenon – The Ancient Greeks practiced sports and the world’s enthusiasm for it has never waned, with 2 billion physically active people today.
  • Being sedentary is a public health issue. According to the OMS, half of all cancers is due to lack of physical activity.
  • Activity boosts economical performance: We estimate productivity increases by 10% in companies who encourage their staff to be active.

Our mission is to help people live their life to the fullest (emotionally and with intensity) and the longest (through a healthy lifestyle).

Similarly, to the way Nike has made sport accessible to everyone, we use our technology to reach out to the widest audience possible. We have positioned ourselves at the crossroads where institutions, brands, corporates and the public meet.

Our job is built on three pillars:

  • Inspire : with beautiful stories, advice and ideas.
  • Engage : with challenges, connected races and events.
  • Encourage : by stimulating and rewarding our communities thanks to our excellent brand partnerships.

We work in two fields:

  • For the general public : we are one of the largest sport communities providing digital and physical media.
  • For corporates : we help companies encourage their employees to be active and engage them in sport with the use of our unique technology.

We offer our partners (brands, corporates and institutions) very specific advantages :

  • Specialized health insights from our sports and well-being experts, allowing us to invent the products and services of tomorrow.
  • Bespoke advice to help brands best position themselves in large communities, and advise how to adapt their products for optimum selling based on our data.
  • Easy to use technological solutions that can be duplicated at scale.

Today, Sport Heroes is 4 years old and boasts:

  • A fast-growing community of 1 000 000 people .
  • Over 350 brands partners, including Nike, Paris 2024 and UNICEF, across 127 countries.
  • More than 100 corporates already using our technology to bring their employees together.
  • 60 sport and well-being specialists, including 20 in technology.

Job Description

We need some support in order to further develop our running community and to pay more attention to our cycling community for our London office's.

Working with both our running and cycling communities, we are looking for a work experience executive that will work on:

  • Content production – both running and cycling
  • Community support – both running and cycling
  • Admin support with the commercial offer
  • Research
  • Reporting
  • Connections

Preferred Experience

  • You have a specific interest to work in a start-up environment and in sport
  • Adaptable to a small office
  • Motivate to work in the UK
  • Motivate to handle a variety of task
  • Motivate to be flexible and hands on
  • Good understanding of social media (Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / LinkedIn)
  • Good IT level with Words, Excel, Google docs and Hubspot (if possible)
  • Comfortable level of both written and spoken English

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Internship (6 month(s))
  • Location: London, United Kingdom (N1 6DR)
  • Education Level: Master's Degree
  • Experience: > 5 years